Select the Optimal Dedicated Server Plan

Billing Cycle
Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Essential Server 1
$139.00 USD Monthly

Essential Server 1

Intel Xeon E3-1230V6 3.50 GHz /Cores 4 /Threads 8 32GB : RAM ECC 2x 240GB (SSD): RAID Storage 200 Mbps : Domestic BW 100Mbps : International BW
Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Essential Server 3
$149.00 USD Monthly

Essential Server 3

Intel Xeon E-2288G 3.70 GHz /Cores 8 /Threads 16 32GB : RAM ECC 240GB (SSD): Storage 200 Mbps : Domestic BW 100Mbps : International BW
Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Premium
$199.00 USD Monthly


Intel Xeon E5-2650
2.00GHz /Cores 8 /Threads 16 : CPU 64GB: RAM ECC 2x 480GB (SSD): Storage 200 Mbps : Domestic BW 100Mbps : International BW

Why Dedicated Server hosting?

1 Robust Framework

As a provider, we prioritize your business and security. Our data center environments are fortified to safeguard your business interests.

2 Optimal Performance

Our ongoing development of in-house solutions allows us to fully harness the power of the latest-generation hardware.

3 Fully Flexible

Start with a dynamic infrastructure that seamlessly scales to meet your needs, facilitating effortless expansion and adaptation as your business evolves.

Exclusive Resource Allocation

Harness the Power of Purpose-Built Hardware on an Intuitive Server Environment

Dedicated Server hosting provides you with an entire server exclusively for your use. You won't share processing power or bandwidth with others, eliminating the risk of resource competition. This ensures exceptional performance for your projects, even during peak workloads.

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Harness the Power of Purpose-Built Hardware on an Intuitive Server Environment

Exclusive Resources

Benefit from complete access to your server's resources without sharing with others.

Blazing Fast SSD (Solid State Drive)

Loaded with Enterprise Graded SSD, guaranteeing stability and exceptionally fast loading times for your project.

Anti-DDoS Protection

Experience reassurance with 24/7 DDoS protection and a redundant 2N+2 power configuration.

Control Panel & OS

Multiple operating systems available

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - CentOS


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Debian


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - CoreOS


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - FreeBSD


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Fedora


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - OpenBSD


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Ubuntu


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Windows


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Archlinux


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - openSUSE


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - AlmaLinux


Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Upload Custom

Upload Custom

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - cPanel



We Utilize

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Intel Xeon

Intel Xeon

Trusted performance that adapts and best-in-class virtualization.

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Supermicro


High-efficiency server technology, innovation and green computing.

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Cisco


Global leader in IT, networking, and network-security solutions.
Optimal Efficiency

Premium scalability and power for enterprises

Unlock exceptional scalability with our dedicated server fleet. Featuring cutting-edge hardware and networking, our hosting services ensure high availability for your applications or services. As your business evolves, we provide the power for uninterrupted operations.

Speed is vital for both your website and network. With Edge and Core routing, experience a threefold increase in performance. Our enterprise-grade routers and secure infrastructure guarantee speeds up to three times faster.
Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Premium scalability and power for enterprises
Effortless Customization

Tailorable High-Performance Servers

Rely on our experienced hosting team to design a custom server solution perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you're a creative agency or a large enterprise, our dedicated servers align with your specific goals. Contact Us for consultation with our experts to determine the ideal setup and secure your dedicated server today!

Craft the perfect enterprise solution by customizing it to fit your budget, performance requirements, operating system, storage, and RAM preferences. Optimize your business operations with tailored high-performance dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers Thailand & Singapore  - Tailorable High-Performance Servers

Unsure which server is best for your business/project? Contact us today for expert guidance!

Frequently asked questions

What is a dedicated server?

A Dedicated Server is a powerful hosting solution where an entire physical server is exclusively allocated to a single user or organization. It operates independently, providing complete control over resources and configurations.

Here's how it works:

1. Resource Allocation: With a Dedicated Server, you have access to all the server's resources—CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. There's no resource sharing with other users, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

2. Isolation: Your server operates in isolation, eliminating the risk of being affected by other users' activities or traffic spikes, as in shared hosting.

3. Customization: You can tailor the server's software, operating system, and applications to match your specific requirements.

4. Performance: Dedicated Servers offer high performance, ideal for resource-intensive tasks, high-traffic websites, and applications.

5. Security: Enhanced security features protect your data and applications from external threats. You have control over security configurations and firewall settings.

6. Scalability: While Dedicated Servers offer ample resources, they can be upgraded to higher configurations as your needs grow.

7. Management: You can choose between managed and unmanaged options. Managed servers come with technical support for server maintenance and troubleshooting.

In essence, a Dedicated Server provides a dedicated, powerful, and customizable hosting environment for users who demand high performance, control, and security for their websites, applications, or projects.

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